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KEVEE products

KEVEE sachets with real blueberries
- 50 servings -
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KEVEE sachets with organic lemon
- 50 servings -
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KEVEE powders with real blueberries
- 30 servings -
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KEVEE powders with organic lemon
- 30 servings -
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KEVEE sachets with organic lemon
- 10 servings -
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KEVEE sachets with real blueberries
- 10 servings -
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dehydration is the #1 performance killer

Drinking plain water is never the best idea when exercising. Our sports drinks are natural, tasty and easy on the stomach. KEVEE is saltier than your average sports drink, offering the ideal sodium content to provide maximum hydration.

the benefits of using KEVEE

  • 50% more electrolytes vs. other sports drinks​
  • allow you to absorb 3x more water than with water alone​
  • helps to increase focus, stamina, and physical performance
  • contains 75% less sugar than other sports drinks on the market​
  • only 24 kcal​​
  • contains salts & sugar​
  • with real blueberries​
  • no artificial colors​
  • flavors or sweeteners​​

how to use it:

Mix 1-2 sachets with 500 ml of water
and aim for one bottle every 60-90 minutes

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Less is more!

Hydration accelerator​ You need to drink less to absorb more, making it far more effective than other high sugar alternatives. 

Based on the World Health Organization`s formula​

The Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) developed by the World Health Organization absorbs water 2-3 times more efficiently into the body than water alone. The right amount of salt, glucose and water activates the sodium-glucose co-transporter located in the small intestinal tract. These specific cells are activated when they encounter the right ratio of sodium and glucose in water. This allows the body to absorb these molecules and quickly absorb water in the process.

Learn more about the benefits of our main ingredients​

Glucose: activates the sodium glucose pump in the small intestine for rapid hydration​

Sodium chloride: works with glucose to fasten up absorption of water and electrolytes. Helps your body retain fluid.​​

Citric acid: helps regulate the pH level in the body​

Potassium: prevents muscle cramps also helping carry nutrients to the bloodstream.​​

Blueberry powder: high antioxidant berry powder. One drink contains about 15 freeze-dried berries.​​

Vitamin C: contains as much vitamin C as one orange.​

Vitamin B: blend of vitamin B6 & 12 is key for unlocking energy and battling fatigue.​/p>

Stevia leaf: a natural zero-calorie sweetener.

Science behind the sugar-electrolyte connection

Sugar Provides Energy​

Glucose and electrolytes can also work together to increase your energy levels and boost your stamina.

Glucose and Energy​​

Glucose is a simple sugar. The brain, neurons (nerve cells), and red blood cells all need glucose for energy [6]. If you aren’t consuming glucose, your body will have to use its stored glucose (or glycogen) for energy. When glycogen stores are depleted, it will eventually turn to the muscle tissue for energy.

Electrolytes and Energy​​​

Proper electrolyte balance is also important for maintaining adequate energy levels. Electrolytes themselves do not increase energy. However, they do support hydration.

Without sufficient electrolyte levels, you run a greater risk of becoming dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated, you’ll be more prone to fatigue and will have a harder time staying energized, both during workouts and as you’re just going about your day.

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